31 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge

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Day # 1 – Episode 101

Namaste Yoga 101 Yoga for Beginners

If you have never done a yoga class before and want to start, this class is for you. I promise I will teach you the basics of what to expect in a yoga class some of the most standard yoga poses.

Day # 2 – Episode 333 Complete Beginner Yoga Class

Complete Beginner Yoga Class: Namaste Yoga 333

Do you want lots of modifications? Do you want easy to follow step by step instructions?
This yoga class is the answer for you.

Day # 3 – Episode 268 Absolute Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga Classes : Namaste Yoga 268

Do you want to know how to breathe? How to pay attention to your body and where to feel the effects of your yoga pose? This yoga class is designed for the absolute beginner.

Day # 4 – Episode 270 Slow Yoga for Beginners

Namaste Yoga 270 Slow Beginner Yoga

Do you find beginners yoga classes go too fast for you to follow? Not this one πŸ™‚

Day #5 – Episode 271 Beginner Yoga Class Step By Step

Namaste Yoga 271 Step by Step Beginner Yoga Class

Do you find some beginner yoga classes are actually advanced yoga classes? Not this one, this is a step by step beginner yoga class πŸ™‚

Day #6 – Episode 272 Beginner Yoga Easy to Follow

Namaste Yoga 272 Easy to Follow Beginner Yoga

Do you find some beginner yoga classes difficult to follow? Not this one, this is one is easy to follow, just like all the others.

Day # 7 – Episode 129 Beginner Series Preparatory Poses

Namaste 129 Beginner Yoga: Preparatory Poses

Is your body stiff and inflexible? This class will prepare your body for standing postures, inversions, backbends, twists and forward folds.

Day # 8 – Episode 130 Beginner Series Standing Postures

Namaste Yoga 130 Beginner Yoga Standing Postures

This entire class is done standing and will introduce you to the standing postures πŸ™‚

Day # 9 – Episode 131 Beginner Series Inversions

Namaste Yoga 131 Beginner Yoga: Inversions

Are you afraid to do inversions? Don’t worry, I will take you step by step through the preparations and make it easy with lots of modifications.

Day # 10 – Episode 132 Beginner Series Backbends

Namaste Yoga 132 Beginner Yoga: Backbends

Are you a human being who keyboards, texts and eats? If so you need this class! Time to get
out of that hunched posture and bend backwards

Day #11 Episode 133 Beginner Series Twists

Namaste Yoga 133 Beginners Yoga: Twists

Back problems? Digestive Issues? This class on twists is incredible for releasing tension for your back and digestive organs.

Day # 12 – Episode 134 Beginner Series Forward Folds

Namaste Yoga 134 Beginners Yoga Forward Folds

Tight hamstrings? This beginner yoga class is for you πŸ™‚

Day # 13 – Episode 135 Beginner Series Putting it All Together

Namaste Yoga 135 Beginners Yoga Putting it All Together

It’s time for review. This class will focus on breathing and your spine and all the postures we have worked on over the last five days. πŸ™‚

Day # 14 – Episode 250 Beginner Yoga on Intention

Namaste Yoga 250 Beginner Yoga: Intention

What do you want to get out of your yoga practice? Learn how to set an intention for your yoga practice today.

Day # 15 – Episode 251 Beginner Yoga How Far Should I Go?

Namaste Yoga 251: Beginner Yoga, How far should I go?

Ever wonder how far you should go in a yoga pose? What about pain? What about discomfort? This yoga class answers all those questions.

Day # 16 – Episode 252 Beginner Yoga How to Breathe

Namaste Yoga 252 Beginner Yoga Breath

How do you breathe in a yoga class? This class answers clarifies that question.

Day # 17 – Episode 153 Beginner Yoga Mountain and Tree Pose

Namaste Yoga Episode 153: Yoga for Beginners

Help me to balance better! This class will teach you how to stand and therefore balance better as a beginner.

Day # 18 – Episode 154 Beginner Yoga How to Do Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog: Namaste Yoga Episode 154

Do you have wrist trouble? Tight Hamstrings? Don’t worry! In this class I will give you lots of preparations and modifications for downward facing dog.

Day # 19 – Episode 155 Beginner Yoga How to do Bridge Pose and Shoulder Stand

Beginner Yoga Bridge Pose and Shoulder Stand: Namaste Yoga 155

Are you afraid of going upside down in yoga? Do you have tight shoulders? If you answered yes to these questions then this class is for you. I will help you release your shoulders and take you step by step into shoulderstand.

Day # 20 – Episode 156 Beginner Yoga How to do Triangle Pose

Beginner Yoga Triangle Pose: Episode 156 of Namaste Yoga

Do you have tight hips and hamstrings? This pose can be challenging for beginners. Don’t worry, we will take it step by step. I will make it easy for you. πŸ™‚

Day # 21 – Episode 157 Beginner Yoga How to do Warrior One and Warrior Three

Beginner Yoga How to do Warrior One and Warrior Three

Beginner Yoga Warrior I and Warrior III: Namaste Yoga 157

Do you want to improve your balance? Want tips for balancing? This class is for you! πŸ™‚

Day # 22 – Episode 158 Beginner Yoga How to do Warrior Two and Side Angle Pose

Namaste Yoga 158: Beginner Yoga Warrior II and Side Angle Pose

Do you want more flexible hips, a stronger back and a more flexible spine? Come learn warrior two and side angle pose today πŸ™‚

Day # 23 – Episode 159 Beginner Yoga How to Do Cobra and Bow Pose

Namaste Yoga 159: Beginner Yoga

Are you a human being who spends time at a computer, tablet or cell phone? If so you probably want some help with your posture. These backbending postures will help you.

Day # 24 – Episode 294 Beginner Yoga How to do Sun Salutations Step by Step Pose by Pose

Namaste Yoga 294 Beginner Yoga How to do Sun Salutations Step by Step, Pose by Pose

Do you find Sun Salutations Challenging? Do they go too fast for you? Is the walk through difficult? This class breaks it all down πŸ™‚

Day # 25 – Episode 107 Beginner Yoga Finding Time

Namaste Yoga 107 Yoga for Beginners Two: Finding Time

Do you struggle to find time for your yoga practice? This yoga class will talk about the biggest problem I hear people face when starting a yoga practice, finding time.

Day # 26 – Episode 275 Beginner Yoga Discipline

Namaste Yoga 275 Beginner Yoga: Discipline

Do you struggle to stay motivated and disciplined with your yoga practice? This yoga class is about cultivate discipline.

Day # 27 – Episode 274 Beginner Yoga Focus

Namaste Yoga 274 Beginner Yoga Focus

Are you pulled in a hundred different directions in your life? Are you always responding to others demands but not getting enough time for yourself? This class will help you focus.

Day # 28 – Episode 269 Beginner Yoga Class on Balance

Namaste Yoga 269 Beginner Yoga Balance

Do you struggle with balance. Here is a whole beginner class on balance.

Day #29 Episode 170 Beginner Yoga for Strength

Namaste Yoga 170 Beginner Yoga for Strength

Do you want a stronger upper and lower body? Strength training is also a great way to prevent the loss of bone density as well.

Day # 30 – Episode 273 Beginner Yoga Class on Flexibility

Namaste Yoga 273 Beginner Yoga Flexibility

Do you want to be more flexible? Here is a whole beginner yoga class on flexibility.

Day # 31 – Episode 117 Beginner Yoga Class Dancer Pose

Namaste Yoga 117 Beginner Yoga Dancer Pose

Do you spend a lot of time sitting? This yoga class is a great way to end our 31 day challenge and also a great antidote to sitting.