Yoga with Melissa 204, Intention Setting Intermediate Yoga Class (1 hr), Benefits of Yoga Series

by Melissa West on November 15, 2013

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Intermediate Yoga Class

Namaste-Yoga-204Each time we practice yoga we get the opportunity to reflect on our reason for coming to our mats in the first place. Why are we here? What do we want to get out of our practice? What is it that we want to receive by practicing our yoga?

By setting a simple intention or sankalpa at the beginning of each yoga practice you are “stripping away the non-essentials to reveal who you truly are” as Sara Avant Stover says. The truth is you “You are already health. You are already happiness. These are your natural states. You already have the answers. You already have inside you everything you’ve ever wanted or looked for elsewhere.” (Sara Avant Stover, “The Way of the Happy Woman”

When you set your intention it is a unique opportunity to turn off the voice of your doubts, worries and fears and instead tune into your inner wisdom. When you come to your yoga mat, you slow down and connect to the wisdom of your body, check in and see what is for my greatest and highest good today? Most times during the day we rush around, tend to overflowing schedules, react to demands placed on us by an outside authority and we don’t take the time to listen to our own inner wisdom and set intention from this place. When you set your intention at the beginning of a yoga class you are tuning into your own internal wisdom, getting clear about your priorities, questioning what you value the most, trusting your innate knowing, and practicing yoga authentically from that place.

Setting your intention for your practice can be as simple as asking yourself, “What do I want to say yes to during this practice? and What do I want to say no to during this practice?” Michael Lee, the creator of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy suggests asking these questions, “What is it that I want to create for myself by doing this practice today? Ask yourself, What do I want to create in my life and how will doing yoga today help me fulfill that?” He says the answers to these questions become your intention for your yoga practice.


Sara Avant Stover: The Way of the Happy Woman

Michael Lee Turn Stress into Bliss

Props Needed: Blocks, yoga strap, yoga blanket

Postures/Asanas: Ron Stapleton Shoulder and Hip Release, Keyhole Stretch, Thread the Needle, Cat Pose/Marjaryasana, Pigeon/Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Meditation to Make the Impossible Possible/Gan patte, Eagle Pose/Garudasana, Cow’s Face Twist/Gomukhāsana, Cow’s Face Legs with Eagle’s Arms/Gomukhasana with Garudasana arms, Savasana/Corpse Pose

Yoga with Melissa 204 Photos of Yoga Poses



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