Yoga with Melissa 206, Yoga for Self-Discipline (1 hr), Benefits of Yoga Series

by Melissa West on November 29, 2013

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Namaste-Yoga-206Through our yoga practice we find the discipline to come to our yoga mats every day. Ganga White, author of Yoga Beyond Belief, says that many of his students complain to him that they don’t have the discipline to come to practice yoga every day. And yet, he says that he doesn’t feel disciplined at all when it comes to his yoga practice.

Ganga White goes on to explain that when we think of discipline we usually think about effort, or things we should do or don’t have the energy to do. When we really enjoy doing something we don’t need discipline at all. Ganga White explains that he has learned to enjoy his practice by keeping it fresh and interesting.

I would have to agree one hundred percent. I have not been able to have a daily yoga practice for over a decade by doing the same thing every day. I have kept it fresh and interesting. I have not been able to produce a weekly yoga podcast for the past four years by producing the same classes each week, I have produced original content each and every week to the tune of over 200 classes. The same goes for our membership site, it is interesting and takes very little discipline for me to do my work there because the content I am creating there is always brand-new and engaging.

We ask our viewers what are their interests and we produce classes to respond to those interest. We point out the benefits of the postures. We ask our students how they feel in their bodies so that they can be in touch with how yoga affects their well-being each time they practice. By practicing regularly you become hooked into the benefits of your experience because you feel so good. You want to keep the energy of your practice going! 🙂

A regular yoga practice will keep you feeling strong and flexible.

When you start to miss a few days in a row of your practice you will start to feel the unwanted effects in your body, mind, emotions, energy, breath and spirit and this will give you the motivation to get your practice going again. Ganga White suggests we make the shift from saying, “I have to do my yoga” to “I get to do my yoga.”
I personally love the way Sally Kempton invites disciplinary practices like meditation or yoga to become an opportunity to let go of low-grade emotional pain in a devotional way. Our yoga practice then bcomes an opportunity to “cultivate a loving attentiveness to ourselves and to the world” around us of which we are a part (Sally Kempton Meditation for the Love of It) This kind of discipline Sally Kempton explains requires, “patience, commitment, deep tolerance and it is best undertaken with love.” Come to your practice with a sense of ease, relaxation and reverence. Today we will honour our daily practice with reverence, reflect back on what the discipline of our practice has been in the past and set some intention for the discipline of our practice in the future.

Yoga Asanas/Yoga Postures: LUV vinyasa, Keyhole Stretch, Bridge Pose/Setu Bandhasana, Cat/Marjayasana, Thread the Needle, The Diamond in the Rose, Pigeon/Eka Pada Rajakapotasana , Standing Heart Opening Vinyasa, Cow’s Face Arms/Gomukasana from standing, Wide Legged Standing Forward Fold/Prasarita Padottanasana, Cow’s Face Twist and Forward fold/Parivṛtta Gomukasana, Gomukasana, 1/2 Cow’s Face Forward Fold with Arms, Ardha Gomukasana, Lotus Mudra

Props: Chair or Blanket for seated meditation, block, yoga strap

Yoga with Melissa 206 Photos of Yoga Poses


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