How to Improve Eyesight with Yoga: Eye Yoga, Yoga with Dr. Melisa West 243

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Eye Yoga

Namaste-Yoga-Episode-243---Eye-Yoga: In this yoga class we will focus on the traditional chinese meridians as they relate to your eyes to nourish your vision. Poses for your liver meridian will nourish your iris, poses for your heart meridian will nourish the corners of your eyes. By practicing poses for your spleen you will help your upper and lower eyelids, the inside of your eyelids will be aided by poses for your lungs and your pupils will be supported with poses for your kidneys. Traditional eye yoga exercises will also be used.

We will also be continuing the Ayur Dehi mantra with a focus on the fifth line of the mantra caksur dehi – May my sight be nourished. The prana mudra will be used to support this mantra as this mudra also benefits your eyes.

 Yoga 243 Nourishing Your Vision

This week, we will focus on the fifth line of the Ayurdehi mantra,
May my sight be nourished

We can nourish our eyes by nourishing all of our internal organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, each part of our eye is associated with one of our organs. The iris of our eye is related to our liver. Our heart relates to the corners of our eyes, known as the canthi. Our upper and lower eyelids correspond to our spleen. The conjunctiva or the inside of your eyelids is related to your lungs. Your pupils relates to your kidneys. (Resource)

Your eyes allow you to see the world. Every day our vision is assaulted by watching murder, war, and severe accidents – in real life or in the media. I find my eyes can even be overwhelmed by the beauty of my surroundings. As we take in all the beauty that is British Columbia, I sometimes find myself drifting off into naps in the car, no matter how hard I try to stay awake to take it all in!

Through our eyes, we not only see our own surroundings, but also our eyes are the windows to our own soul. Our eyes can be empty and lifeless, bright and lively, they may be half-closed and hidden from sight, or wide open with nothing to hide. Our eyes can be filled with anger or fear, hard and calculating or soft and tender.

When our eyes have difficulty seeing close up, our bodies are telling us that we may have difficulty seeing something that is going on in front of us. It may be that we are having difficulty with details that are close up. Having a challenge seeing at a distance may be fears regarding your own future or the future of those close to you. Your left eye is said to represent your internal view and what you have learned from your mother. Your right eye is said to represent your external or worldview and your perception of the life as you learned from your father.

Nourishing our vision can help us to see clearly our soul’s purpose.

Resources: Deb Shapiro: Your Body Speaks Your Mind
Lis Bourbeau Your Body’s Telling You Love Yourself

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Props Needed: meditation cushion, chair or folded blanket, bolster, blocks

Yoga Postures/Yoga Asana: Palming: Rub Your Hands and Cover Your Eyes, Reclined Twist/Jathara Parivartanasana , Keyhole/Figure Four, Anahatasana/Puppy/Uttana Shishosana, Lunge Pose/Anjaneyasana, Ayurdehi Mantra with Prana Mudra, Eye Yoga – Sideways Viewing, Eye Yoga – Front and Sideways Viewing, Eye Yoga – Rotational Viewing, Eye Yoga – Up and Down Viewing, Eye Yoga – Nasikagra Drishti, Standing Forward Fold/Uttanasana, Reclined Bound Angle/Supta Baddha Konasana, Wide-Knee Child Pose with Twist, Upavistha Konasana/Wide Legged Seated Forward Fold, Savasana, Ayurdehi Mantra with Prana Mudra

Yoga 243 Photos of Yoga Poses



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