Yoga with Dr.Melissa West 244: Listen to Your Body, How to Improve Hearing

by Melissa West on September 12, 2014

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Yoga for Hearing

Namaste-Yoga-Episode-244In this 53 minute intermediate hatha yoga class you will listen to your body and learn how to improve your hearing. You will listen to your body through hatha yoga and yoga poses by focusing on the traditional chinese kidney meridian to improve your hearing. These listening exercises and listening practices combined with hatha yoga poses such as neck and shoulder release for neck and shoulder pain, knee sways for hip pain, legs up the wall, Goddess Victory Squat, wide legged seated forward fold are all yoga exercises to improve your listening skills. The yoga positions in this hatha yoga class offer many yoga benefits to your kidney meridian, the main meridian to improve your hearing. You will do yoga exercises including: wide legged seated forward fold and reclined goddess pose. Yoga positions and mudras are used throughout so you can listen to your body. .

This week, we also continue with the Ayurdehi mantra and we will focus on the sixth line of the Ayurdehi mantra, srotram dhehi May my hearing be nourished. We will couple our mantra with the Shunya mudra to help improve your hearing.

Nourish Your Hearing

As yogis we have the opportunity to listen each time we come to our yoga mats. We can hone the skills of awareness and mindfulness and listen to our bodies, minds, emotions, energy and spirit. As we use the practice of pratyahar (Namaste Yoga 228), we can turn our senses inward and attend to and observe what is happening now in our internal landscape.

Traditional Chinese Medicine points out that our ears, which faintly resemble the kidneys in shape, are thought to reflect the condition of kidney jing – our essential energy. Large ears and sharp hearing indicate an excellent condition of kidney energy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, as we age, hearing loss is related to kidney jing depletion – our essential energy diminishing. If our kidneys are functioning efficiently, then we can hear well also.

Your kidney meridian begins at the soles of your feet, travels up your inner leg to your genitals. From the top of your pubic bone it goes to your tailbone, to your sacrum, lower back and into your kidney. An inner branch of your kidney meridian travels through your kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, and up the center of your throat and into your ears. The main meridian flows up your pubic bone, to your abdomen, near your midline ending just below your collar bones.

In today’s class we will nourish our hearing by listening closely to our bodies, thoughts, emotions, energy and spirit. We will also open up the traditional Chinese kidney meridian to nourish our hearing.

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