Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 263 | Prana Yoga | How to Boost Energy | 70 min Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class

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Restore Your Energy

Namaste-Yoga-263: Our lives are busy, demanding, challenging, noisy, full of toxins, information overload and non-stop activity. It is not surprising that we feel drained, stressed, scattered and run down. Today’s practice will focus on restoring your energy, but this takes time and focused concentration.

Consider this. You spend one hour a day on your yoga mat doing practices on your yoga mat that are designed to restore your energy. Let’s investigate what is happening with your energy during the other twenty-three hours of your life.

My daughter Trinity told me about an app that she downloaded for her i-touch yesterday that will tell you how many times you pick up your phone in a day and how much time you spend on your phone a day. She told me about one man who was shocked to discover he spend six and a half hours on his phone a day. This continual engagement with electronic devices is one example of the way our energy is engaged during the day.

Rising above the current conditions of our busy, demanding, information overloaded lives to restore our energy in a real and lasting way takes focus, concentration and time. In our culture we are conditioned to focus our energy outwards on our happiness, wealth, fame, success, security, careers, satisfaction, friends and family. This outward focus and drive to keep going eventually causes our energy to break down.

When we make our own energy a priority and take the time to strengthen and protect it we can learn how to restore our life force energy. Our energy is worth learning about, strengthening and protecting. Simply slowing down and paying attention to our internal energy can do wonders to reawaken dormant energy in your body.

Members I recommend you practice the Foot Connective Tissue Video prior to this video or the short foot sequence from the weekly challenge: Stretching Doesn’t work

Resource: Restoring Your Energy by Waysun Liao

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Today’s question to answer in the comments is: What is your take away from this class on restoring your energy? What did you learn about restoring your energy?

If you’ve resonated with any of these teachings or examples or if you want to have more guidance on restoring your energy, we have value added content on our membership site to support you and I invite you to become a part of our membership community.

Yoga for Grounding:
To have healing flow of energy without the circuits and fuses blowing there must be a grounding device that allows the energy to flow through the conduit and ground itself in the earth beneath you. When you practice yoga, the inward flow of this energy increases dramatically. As the inflow of energy increases, so does your need for grounding to avoid burnout. If you are not grounded then the process for clearing is obstructed and then unwanted energy cannot flow easily away.

Feet First
The feet are the roots of the body. Using the metaphor of a plant, this video will spread and deepen your connection to the earth first allowing you to grow toward the light.

Toes Class (from Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes series)
This class includes brand new exercises and new ways of doing exercises not seen before in my Feet First video. In this video you will explore the mind/body connection of your ankles and feet. Unique exercises to stretch out all areas of your feet and ankles, plus functional exercises to help you with the important day to day activity of walking are included.

Props Needed: Yoga Strap, Folded Blanket, Bolster

Yoga Postures/Asanas: Guided Savasana/Guided Relaxation, Supta Padangusthasana/Hand to Big Toe, Keyhole/Figure Four Stretch, Makara Mudra/Mudra for Restoring Energy, Tadasana/Mountain Pose, Legs Up the Wall/Viparita Karani

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