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Preserve your Energy

Namaste-Yoga-episode-265There are three aspects to your energy: the quantity of energy you have running through your system, the quality of your energy and the content of your energy, that is the programming or message of your energy. Each person’s energy has a specific content, for example, you can watch a film that is a romantic comedy or an action thriller and each has a distinctly differently energetic quality content.

The energy you are carrying through your system has the potential to be clean, pure and harmonious and contribute to your health, restoration and nourishment. Your relationships, the media you take in, and your thinking affects the content of your energy, fueling the content of the energy that runs through your body.

When the content of your energy is clean, calm and pure, your energy is nourished. By protecting the content of your energy from negative input such as pessimistic people, gloomy gatherings, violent entertainment and negative news, you can protect your energy.

Imagine your energy like receptor sites. Nothing can stick to a receptor site that is clean and totally smooth. For something to stick to a surface it has to have grooves, imperfections or receptors. Unfavorable energy can only attach itself to you if you have receptors for that content inside of you. Damaged energy becomes a receptor for and holds onto negative energy.

Practices such as yoga, meditation, breath practices (pranayama), and nourishing sleep help to repair your life energy and protect the content of your energy from being a receptor site for negative energy. Yoga helps you to clean your life force energy by cultivating relaxation, focus and a calm disposition. Moving through the flowing poses of yoga (vinyasa) helps to keep your energy moving, keeping it clean, pure and strong.

Today we will care for the content of your energy through cleansing practices. We will attend to and keep the content of your energy clean through simple flowing movements known as vinyasa in yoga. We will watch over our energy with specific practices for protection.

Resource: Restoring Your Energy by Waysun Liao

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