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Slow-Yoga-for-BeginnersWhen we asked beginner’s what their biggest stumbling block to learning yoga was, the second most offered response was that beginner classes moved too fast. Today we are talking about and practicing slow yoga.

Slow yoga is something we can embody in thought, word, and action. By moving our bodies more slowly in yoga we invite our thoughts to slow down. We can take time to slow down our words when we speak. We can invite ourselves to slow down in our actions throughout our day.

I recently had a memory of my father telling me to hurry up as an incredibly young child trying to tie my shoes. This memory suddenly put into perspective a lifetime of feeling rushed. Rushed to get my words in, rushed to finish whatever I’m doing and get to the next thing, racing to complete a book. You name it, I always felt rushed. I realized that this was out-dated thinking, and I could let go of this need to rush and take my time.

Slowing down and creating space in my life to slow down has been a huge gift.

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Today’s question to answer in the comments is: What is one thing that you are going to do to slow down in your life?

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If you live in Victoria, British Columbia we are looking for you! Real men and women, beginners, and people who have never tried yoga before. If you are not flexible, unbalanced, nonathletic, out of shape and have a voluptuous body we want you! If you have a medical condition and an injury but have permission from your doctor to engage in exercise, we still want you! We aren’t looking for models, people with perfect bodies, people who have been practicing yoga for years or yoga teachers. We are looking for people who love being outside and would benefit from one on one, slow step-by-step instruction. We are looking for people who are willing to make a difference and want to make a contribution to real people just like yourself all around the world. All you have to do is volunteer to be in an episode of Namaste Yoga. Your lesson will be video taped and offered for the benefit of thousands of people around the world.

Sending you much love from beautiful British Columbia

May you experience the strength of our mountains

May you be as rooted as the trees in our forest

May your joy be as deep as our pacific ocean.

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