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Truth in Action

Truth-in-ActionToday’s class is about truth in action.

Over the last few weeks we have been digging deeper through the layers of our inner critic to discover the truth. We have been detaching from our inner critic and asking is that true? This week we will go a step further and explore what it’s like for you to act in your truth, separate from your inner critic. With discernment you can take a step back and see if now is the time to put your truth into action, maybe it’s not time to act on your truth, and sometimes the best action is not to act. In this class we will ask ourselves might the voice of my inner critic begin to fade in the light of action?

Our members continue to share their stories of how they are interacting with their inner critics in ways that are shedding so much light on our transformational journey with our inner critics.

Nicole spoke poignantly about the truth of how people come in and out of our lives and how her inner critic has played a role in that for her.

Nicole says, People come and go. Very few are really meant to play a permanent role in any one person’s life. That’s just part of life. We are to contribute to others what they need and them to us. Those people who choose to walk away when things become difficult get to make that choice for themselves. I have no right to beg and plead with them to stay, especially when I have stood firmly in my own truth and tried my best to act in compassion and loving kindness. This week was different as I chose to allow my tears to flow as I heard someone slam the door in anger, knowing I had probably just lost another friend forever. For those I have pushed away because of my own fears and insecurities, however, I ask for forgiveness from them and myself.

What stands out to me from Nicole’s story is that both Nicole and the people in her life are acting in their own truth. Her critic who she calls, Mean Girl kept on telling me that all these people were taken from me for a reason. Her Mean Girl brought her insecurities, frustration, anger, fear, loneliness, and sadness. However, Nicole also spoke about how yoga, mantra, and meditation have brought her an underlying peace and faith that all the negatives from her inner critic that she is facing will soon pass.

Another member, Linda spoke about how she is taking her truth in action with her critic.

I have the idea that I live in a quite harmonious way with my inner critic now, after long years of abuse, whipping me up to work more, do more, be more kind, more clever, more lean, etc. I was never good enough. But that totally changed and I am so grateful for that. Now I can decide at the last moment, before going to meet someone or having to do something, to take a step back and think if it’s a good thing to do for me. (Discernment) And I can decide to say no to the plan. (Choice) Like this week I had friends coming over to dinner and I had promised to make a certain dish for them, but that day I could not find the right ingredients, felt a bit tired and not really in the mood, so I decided to cook a simple meal. They loved it, I was enjoying the cooking, and it was such a good night and decision! It is the intention that counts not the outcome. It gives me more ease, less stress.

To me this story shows that Linda decided to connect with her truth and put it into action. She connected with the truth of her energy and the ingredients in her pantry and decided on a simpler meal. In the end, everybody enjoyed themselves. 🙂

How are you detaching from your inner critic? How are you connecting to your truth? How are you beginning to take your truth to action?

Yoga Postures/Asanas: Dead Bug Pose or  Ananda Balasana, Lunge or Anjaneyasana, Table Pose or Opposite Arm and Leg Reach, Chakra Mudra Two in Easy Pose, Breath of Joy, Standing Twist, Tadasana or Mountain Pose, Warrior Three or Virabhadrasana Three, Legs up the wall or Viparita Karini, Sphynx or Salamba Bhujangasana, Childs Pose or Balasana, Reclined Twist or Jathara Parivartanasana, Savasana or Corpse Pose

Yoga Props: wall, yoga blocks, meditation cushion, folded blanket or chair, optional bolster

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