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Thank you body

Intermediate-Yoga-VideoToday we are beginning a brand new yoga series of yoga focused on gratitude. This is going to be a truly transformative series that will allow you to grow spiritually as you take the time to consciously appreciate all the good in your life. When you slow down and express gratitude scientific research studies have shown that you will be happier, healthier and better able to handle stress. You will be more optimistic, sleep better and make progress towards personal goals. Not only will you be more likely to help somebody else, but you will also be perceived as more generous and helpful by others.

In our yoga class today we will focus on gratitude for our physical bodies. Instead of being annoyed and irritated by all the things our bodies won’t do for us, we will focus on all the amazing things our bodies to for us every single day. It can be quite common when practicing yoga to focus on all the things your body can not do. As a yoga teacher, I hear requests over and over again for all the things my students want their bodies to be able to do.

When people tell me they want to stand on their head, I remind them how grateful we can be to stand on our own two feet. When people tell me how challenging it is to find time and motivation to practice, I remind them what a privilege it is that we have able-bodies that are capable of getting up and down off the floor to practice yoga. When people tell me they want to put their foot behind their head, sit in lotus or go into the splits I remind them how lucky we are to be able to walk.

Take a moment to reflect appreciatively for all the amazing things your body has done for you. If you are healthy right now, your body has successfully fought off infection and if you are not, your body is doing its very best to keep you health. How many times has your body healed a bruise or a scar, gotten over that common cold or sore throat?

Remember all the times your body has learned a new physical skill. In what ways has your body gotten stronger over the last year?

Our bodies are amazing systems of creation. It is truly a miracle that you grew into your current form from two cells. You may have even grown another human being in your womb. That is truly an incredible act of creation.

Take a moment to thank your body for the gifts of your senses. Give thanks for every time your mouth has tasted the sweetness of a strawberry. Express appreciation for each time you’ve heard the joy of laughter. Remember the beauty and exquisiteness of your eyes being able to see a sunset. Know what it is like to inhale the scent of a rose. Give thanks for your body’s ability to receive a foot massage.

Think of all the amazing ways your body has of communicating with other human bodies. The ways you can read body language and facial expressions. Imagine all the times your body has kept you safe and free from danger. Give thanks for your body to be able to receive the loving embrace of a warm hug.

As you reflect on these teachings today. Speak words of gratitude to your body. Contemplate what is happening in your life right now. What is it that you would like to create, sustain, release or rebirth in your life and how could this yoga class help you do that?


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Tell me one thing you are thankful for your body today.

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Sending you much love from beautiful British Columbia
May you experience the strength of our mountains
May you be as rooted as the trees in our forest
May your joy be as deep as our Pacific Ocean

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