3 Tips for Easing Anxiety with Yoga

by Melissa West on

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Easing Anxiety

Anxiety-relief: Today I am going to share with you 3 ways to ease anxiety with yoga. If you have anxiety, here are three things you should be focusing on in your practice to make it even more effective in terms of anxiety relief.

Number One


Keep your breath deep and calm. Focus on your breath in (inhalation) to warm and build concentration and nourish and supported, grounded and stabilized practice.

Number Two

Stay Grounded

Focus on staying grounded. You can keep your body and mind calm, centered and relaxed by focusing on the parts of your body that are in contact with the ground. If you are lying down, allow your body to surrender to gravity even more. If you are standing, imagine your feet have roots growing down into the earth.

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Number three

Move slowly

Move slowly and gently with fluid movements. In fact one of my favourite images is to imagine you are moving through warm water. When you do this you will feel all tension and anxiety melting away.

Here`s a class where we used the metaphor of moving through warm water:

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