Namaste Yoga 309 Awakening Your True Self Series: Recognition

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Yoga-recognitionWelcome to a brand new Namaste Yoga series on mindfulness. Mindfulness is a non-judging, receptive awareness. You could view mindfulness as a respectful attention. We tend to go through our days giving attention with reaction, judgment, likes dislikes and we even ignore what is happening. Sometimes we measure our experiences based on our expectations. We evaluate ourselves in a constant stream of criticism and commentary.

You may come to your yoga practice hoping for stress relief, but if you are in a yoga class that isn’t just entertaining you, then you may find your practice is more confronting and more of an inner struggle than you expected. Over the coming weeks we will practice a mindfulness based yoga, that is focus on our bodies, emotions, energy, spirit, and thoughts. We will bring our attention and understanding to what is present rather than avoidance.

In Namaste Yoga 211, we spoke of the monkey mind, and the acronym, RAIN (recognition, acceptance, integration and non-identification). Over the next four weeks we will break down these four tools of mindfulness practice starting with recognition.

Recognition is a willingness to see what is. It is a readiness to ask the question, “What’s happening now?” When we deny our present moment experience, we deny our own freedom. We suffer when we refuse our own anger, dissatisfaction, pain, and ambition. When we turn away from our goodness, our values, our beliefs and our longings we also suffer.

When we name and inwardly bow to our experience, we awaken to our True Nature. Jack Kornfield says all parts of your life must be included in your awakened life. Your life provides the perfect conditions for awakening to your True Self .

Jack Kornfield Bringing Home the Dharma, Awakening Right Where You Are
Bringing Home the Dharma: Awakening Right Where You Are


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We went into detail on the teachings of the first word in RAIN, recognition, acceptance, integration and non-identification today. If you would like a beautiful infographic, with some quick reminders about each part of rain, go to and sign up there to receive that.

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