Weekly Yoga with Melissa West : Poetry in Motion: Episode 339 Be Danced

by Melissa West on July 8, 2016

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Be Danced

Yoga-with-Melissa-episode-339We have come to be danced
not the pretty dance
not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance
but the claw our way back into the belly
of the sacred, sensual animal dance
Jewel Mathieson

Weekly Yoga with Melissa West 339 Poetry in Motion: Be Danced
we have come to be danced. jewel mathieson.
We have come to be danced
not the pretty dance
not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance
but the claw our way back into the belly
of the sacred, sensual animal dance
the unhinged, unplugged, cat is out of its box dance
the holding the precious moment in the palms
of our hands and feet dance

We have come to be danced
not the jiffy booby, shake your booty for him dance
but the wring the sadness from our skin dance
the blow the chip off our shoulder dance
the slap the apology from our posture dance

We have come to be danced
not the monkey see, monkey do dance
one, two dance like you
one two three, dance like me dance
but the grave robber, tomb stalker
tearing scabs & scars open dance
the rub the rhythm raw against our souls dance

WE have come to be danced
not the nice invisible, self conscious shuffle
but the matted hair flying, voodoo mama
shaman shakin’ ancient bones dance
the strip us from our casings, return our wings
sharpen our claws & tongues dance
the shed dead cells and slip into
the luminous skin of love dance

We have come to be danced
not the hold our breath and wallow in the shallow end of the floor dance
but the meeting of the trinity: the body, breath & beat dance
the shout hallelujah from the top of our thighs dance
the mother may I?
yes you may take 10 giant leaps dance
the Olly Olly Oxen Free Free Free dance
the everyone can come to our heaven dance

We have come to be danced
where the kingdom’s collide
in the cathedral of flesh
to burn back into the light
to unravel, to play, to fly, to pray
to root in skin sanctuary
We have come to be danced

This gorgeous poem by Jewel Mathieson speaks to embracing the world as it is as Pema Chodron would say. With these teachings we agree to show up fully for all of life. We don’t run away from any experience, we refuse to accept anything. Pema Chodron describes it as a complete acceptance and surrender to every sight, sound, thought, experience, person, smell and taste we are experiencing and encountering in each moment.

The Poem, Be Danced speaks to a kind of openness to all of life, situations, experiences and emotions and a willingness to experience them fully with complete authenticity. There is a refusal to reject any part of the experience. With this dance you are turning toward your experience rather than away from it.

There is a willingness to seek the basic goodness and the intrinsic good in the world when you open yourself up to be danced. You may not like everything you encounter, but when you come back to the present moment and to exactly what you are experiencing your attitude may shift.

When I was writing the lesson plans for this class, I could feel myself getting agitated by the sound of power tools in the background. I took a breath and listened to the sound of the hedge trimmer. That moment of listening allowed my attention to shift from being annoyed at the sound to being grateful for the work that was being done, for the employment that the gardener had to make a living for their family. I also noticed myself getting hot and uncomfortable. Again my attitude shifted feeling grateful that I was no longer chilled from the high winds on the beach earlier that morning.

Pema Chodron says “The whole point is that discovering basic goodness – discovering the awakeness, the nowness the isness of things, doesn’t come from transcending the ordinary reality. It comes from appreciating simple experiences free from storyline.”

As Pema Chodron says, “It is only when the fearful I is not pushing and pulling at life, freaking out and grasping at it, that full engagement is possible. We become more fully engaged in our lives when we become less self absorbed. As we have less and less allegiance with our small egocentric self, less and less allegiance to who we are and what we are capable of doing, we also find we have less and less fear of embracing the world as it is.”

To me, that is what Be Danced is all about, letting go of the fear of embracing the world as it is.

Resource : Be Danced by Jewel Mathieson and Living Beautifully by Pema Chodron

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Props Needed: 2 yoga blocks, meditation cushion or chair

Yoga Postures/Asanas: Supported Fish Pose or Salamba Matsyasana, Ardha Dhanurasana or Half Bow Pose, Squat Pose or garland pose or malasana, Hand Stretches, Cat Pose or Marjaryasana, Kapalabhati Breath or Skull Shining Breath, Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana or Pigeon Pose with Lion’s Breath, Spinal Energy Series, Shoulder Shrugs, Warrior One or Virabhadrasana One, Goddess Victory Squat or Utkata Konasana, Dancer Pose Or Natarajasana, Downward Facing Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana, Wild Thing Pose, Dying Warrior, Savasana or Corpse Pose

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