45 Minute Yoga Flow Class for Beginners : Yoga with Melissa Episode 370

by Melissa West on February 10, 2017

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Yoga Flow for Beginners

Today we have a special guest on Yoga with Melissa,
Christina D’Arrigo from ChriskaYoga.

This is a 45 minute yoga flow class for beginners by our guest this week, Christina from ChriskaYoga! If you are looking to try a yoga flow class at the beginner level, then this video will be perfect for you. The class is designed to introduce you to the sun salutations and the general structure of a flow class. It will also get you moving and give you a gentle stretch towards the end.

Class Sequence

Savasana (short meditation)

Eka pada apanasana (R & L)




Downward dog (with gentle leg movement)

Sun breaths 3x’s

Surya Namaskar A (modified w/ low cobra) 2x’s

Surya Namaskar B (modified w/ full cobra)

Move through a vinyasa

Vira 2 (R & L)


Vira 2 to Trikonasana (R & L)

Balasana w/ Twist (R & L)

Dandasana forward fold

Marichyasana twist to Janu Sirsanasa to Baddha Konasana flow (R & L)

Upavista Konasana (modified)

Supine pigeon (R & L)



Closing Sukasana

Christina’s Links

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/chriskayogasub

Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thedancegrad

Yoga Blog: http://www.girlonyoga.com

Website: http://chriskayoga.com

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