Yoga with Melissa 377 Heart Stabilization Series: Steady and Calm Attention

by Melissa West on March 31, 2017

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Steady and Calm Yoga

The speed of our everyday lives, both online and offline can leave us feeling frustrated and disconnected from our patience, stillness and compassion. It is not unusual to feel like our minds, bodies and emotions are endlessly spasming and it is no wonder we feel scattered and unsteady. When we come to our yoga practice we notice just how disconnected and scattered we actually feel. It takes an enormous amount of patience to meet ourselves with friendliness and let go again and again to the steadiness and calmness that is always waiting and available for us.

In this hatha yoga class we will begin by resting into the earth underneath us and feeling the always present steadiness and calmness available to us. With this as our starting point for connectedness and peacefulness we can relax, sink into the moment and connect with what is present in our physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, energy and spirit.

Our habit of wanting to be somewhere else is so conditioned that it takes an ocean of patience to connect gently with steady and calm attention. Through our yoga practice we can allow ourselves to access deeper and more subtle realms of stillness in our bodies and we feel how we begin to slowly settle and are eased from distraction. We let go and settle in again and again with openness and ease.

My teachings are inspired by the writing of Jack Kornfield in A Path With Heart right now.

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