4 Easy Neck Exercises you can do anywhere

by Melissa West on April 16, 2013

4 Easy Neck Exercises

Which poses you would suggest to loosen up the upper back ,neck,shoulders and traps?

Today’s Question comes from John

I was just wondering which poses you would suggest to loosen up the upper back ,neck,shoulders and traps. I ask because I have osteoarthritis in my neck and the tightness of the muscles in all these areas really affect my daily life.

Great question. I have two videos that have go through several yoga sequences to loosen up your upper back, neck, shoulders and traps. They are called Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders and Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders Two. Here are the links to the digital downloads.
I completely understand how much neck problems can affect your daily life as I created these videos as part of my rehabilitation from being rear ended in two car accidents.






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