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Restorative Yoga

We spend so much time rushing, pushing, trying to achieve and complete our to-do lists. Our life is spent attending to the external demands of our lives and in complete devotion to our overflowing schedules.

When we move too quickly and follow the relentless fast pace of the dominant culture in which we live and work, not only do we tend to lose the essence of who we are, but often neck and shoulder tension can be the result.

Restorative yoga is a way to slow down, listen to our bodies and do less. We can attend to our physically exhausted, strained, stiff, tense neck and shoulders. Drained from doing too much for others in hurried isolation we can take this time to come together in this live class to attend to ourselves and our neck and shoulder pain.

Restorative yoga is a deeper way of coming into our bodies and developing an inner connection. We live in a world where we are constantly creating an image of ourselves to present to the outside world. Everything we do is measured and compared either through social media or social interactions. This creates a tremendous amount of pressure, tension, stress and anxiety.

Through restorative yoga, what we develop instead is an intuitive way of being that will follow us off our yoga mats and into our lives so that we can release the burdens of responsibility and image construction and start to make the choices to do less, making space throughout our whole lives to breathe, let go the perfect image, of stress and anxiety and live at a more human pace.

Our next live class is November 24th at 9:00 am PT Beginner Yin Yoga: LIVE Introduction to Meridians & Energy Flow

Let me know in the comments what restorative yoga posture helped you most with your neck or shoulder pain?

Healing neck and shoulder pain is not something you can do in just one yoga video. Just like brushing your teeth, caring for your neck and shoulders is something you need to do everyday. The best way I have learned to care for my neck and shoulders is to make yoga a part of my everyday life. I am going to share with you a good, better and best way to do that now.

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