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Hips and Hamstrings

In today’s intermediate yin yoga class for hips and hamstrings we are going to focus on what happens inside our body from an energetic point of view. The energy channels that flow through our body, called meridians, nourish the urinary bladder meridian and stomach meridian when we are doing yin yoga poses for the hamstrings and hips respectively.
But before we get into the urinary bladder meridian that runs along your hamstrings and the stomach meridian that runs along the front of your hips we are going to rest back into some important yin yoga principles.

There have been some important questions coming up about breath, which is amazing, because breath is a fabulous way to free up the energy, chi or prana. When we regulate our breath in our yin yoga practice it is a way to free the energy in our body. Also when we quiet our breath it helps to still our mind.

When we practice yin yoga we want our breath to be quiet, unlaboured and gentle like the surface of a mountain lake. This will help to still our mind. When we practice yin yoga our breath will be calm, even, slow, deep, natural and unforced. I like Donna Farhi´s directions for essential breath (and I will link to a whole video on how to do this breath: click here)
Gradually, without forcing or effort, over the next few breaths, extend your breath out or your exhalation. Notice the pause at the end of your exhalation. Rest in the pause at the end of your breath out. Notice the pauses between the breath out and the breath in are the places of deepest stillness.

When we are focusing on the front of the hips, we are stimulating the stomach meridian which relates to anxiety. We are constantly digesting our internal impressions and external environment including everything that we see, read, hear smell, think and feel. This can be quite overwhelming in the age of digital and social media and the information overload.
We may go over our thoughts in our head again and again and obsess about certain ideas. When we overthink we have difficulty concentrating. Overeating is one way that we compensate for lack of mental peace. When our stomach meridian is balance we will feel grounded, centered and connected to Mother Earth.

When we are focusing on our hamstrings we are stimulating the urinary bladder meridian. This is the longest and most complicated meridian line in our body. Mentally it refers to the fluidity of our ideas, thoughts and attitudes.

In nature, water can take many forms, from a clear lake, a raging ocean, subtle mist to a frozen glacier. Water is adaptable. When our urinary bladder meridian is balanced we know when to be still and quiet and when strength and power is needed.

If our mind is dry we become fixed and brittle with our thinking, attached to our beliefs and unable to go with the flow. When our bladder meridian is balanced we feel hopeful, calm and peaceful. Our bladder meridian is the guardian of peace.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

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