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Yoga for Digestion

Your stomach meridian runs along the front of the leg and goes up the center sides of the torso through the diaphragm all the way to the nose. The spleen meridian runs on the inside of the leg, through the groin and goes up the sides of the body through the diaphragm, chest and heart, ending at the root of the tongue.

Your spleen and stomach meridian are both associated with the element earth. Your stomach in particular is known as the “root of postnatal life” Not only does your stomach digest your food and fluids, moving them along through your small intestine for the assimilation of nutrients, but your stomach also takes energy from your food and fluids and with your spleen transports this food energy through your meridian system to your lungs where it combines with your air energy from breathing. In this way, your stomach meridian is known as the “Sea of Nourishment”

Your spleen is your primary organ for digestion, it sits just behind your stomach on the left side, underneath your diaphragm. Your spleen transforms liquid and food into qi (or energy) and blood of the body. In other words, the spleen’s principle role according to TCM is the production of qi (energy and blood.

When your spleen organ is balanced you will experience a good appetite, strong digestion and vibrant energy. When your spleen energy is weak you may experience bloating, reflux, fatigue, diarrhea, and poor appetite.

We can keep our spleen organ meridian system balanced by not overloading it and not overworking ourselves. Living a moderate live and taking in a moderate diet will leave us with vibrant energy, a calm and balanced mind with clear thinking, balanced emotions and a feeling of ease.

You may notice an imbalance in your stomach meridian system if you have digestive and stomach problems from abdominal pain, bloating, or fluid retention. Emotionally stomach meridian imbalances show up as anxiety, worry, mistrust and lack of confidence. When the stomach meridian is balanced you will experience a strong connection with the earth element and strong nurturing qualities along with being fair, open and caring.

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