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Restorative Yoga

In this one hour restorative yoga class for deep renewal we will take the time to gently repair your worn-out, overwhelmed, anxious and run-down body and stressed out minds. Using props such as blankets, blocks and bolsters we will support your body in gentle, long held restorative postures that are deeply calming to help release tension and renew your energy when you are experiencing depletion.

We live in a time of overwhelm, information overload, urgency and the struggle to have it all and do it all. The result is exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia and a lack of rest. Allow this restorative yoga class to offer you a space of deep relaxation and peace from the pressures and demands of your fast-paced life. An interlude of healing leisure and stillness to support you in regenerative healing and therapeutic rest.

Resource: The Way of Rest by Jeff Foster

by Melissa West

apprehension expands outwards
in ever diffuse unravelling

unable to keep her progression
within the diseased
microbial loop

anxiety surges to the fragile
surface of her skin
like a toxic

ruptures in her delicate
marine ecosystem, securing
shakeable uncertainties
that crest

and the collectedness
of self-abandonment
takes root
in the watery

disillusioned by the depletion
of vitality
at the legs
of the pernicious
sea spiders

who drain the resources
with their distracting
vampire tentacles

she plunges deep to the depths
of the ocean floor
to balance
and rebalance

among the elders of the

whose dark mysterious
symbolic ecosystems remain
even in the afterlife

If you made it all the way to the end of the video, give yourself a thumbs up and put,
“I’m surfing deep into the stillness of the ocean”

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