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by Melissa West on

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Morning Yin Yoga

Instead of rushing into the to do list and rushing into what you have to get done we take the time to stop and embrace the sacredness of our existence, the connection to our breath, the preciousness of being alive and the gift of our unique lives.

The groundwork for how we show up today is being laid in this class. Instead of going through our days ungrounded, scattered, and anxious, we connect with the earth, slow down and follow the natural biorhythm of our body.

Through our yoga practice we are cultivating energy within us that is far greater than anything that is available outside of us. Each time we take a breath we have the opportunity to release toxicity from our bodies: mental toxicity, emotional toxicity, physical toxins all get released with each breath out and we can draw fresh prana into our bodies.

Yin is the receptive mode. While this practice is incredibly quiet and internally focused, it balanced the more externally and outward focused part of your day that is yet to come. And rightfully so, when you gather and cultivate your energy through yin yoga, you are creating powerful reserves for use throughout your day.

It is gathering our vital essence energy, the yin, and only by gathering yin energy that it is possible to have yang expression. There must be water in the well in order to drink. Lack of sleep, anxiety and stress all use up our energy reserves making it more difficult for us to perform effectively in our lives.

In order to have sufficient energy for the activity of our lives, we must know understand the source of the energy. By cultivating yin, gathering our energy in, then we have fuel for the yang expression in our day.

When we take this quiet time for ourselves, we can attend to our own inner needs, check in and feel into the right path forward for ourselves in the outward expression of the yang world. Taking this time for quiet practice is a way of developing an inner trust and knowledge.


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