Natural Movement Yin Yang Yoga to Revitalize Neck & Shoulder Tissue and Relieve Pain – #445

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Yin Yang Yoga

Chronic tightness in your neck and shoulders can lead to shortened ligaments and a restricted range of motion, in short pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders. In this yin yang yoga class for neck and shoulder pain we will start with yin yoga.

The yin yoga portion of this yoga class will revitalize the tissues of your and shoulders. Through the long held compression and tension of yin yoga postures, the tissues of your neck and shoulders are soaked in the same was as if you were soaking a stiff old sponge. As you settle and soften into a yin yoga pose, the subtle release that takes you deeper into your pose are your tissues hydrating and becoming more pliable.

The mindfulness part of this yin yoga portion of this class is paying attention and sensing into and feeling the way your tissues are squeezed and compressed. You will feel as though you have had a good massage for your neck and shoulders by the end of the yin yoga portion of this class.

Additionally, to release the stiffness of your neck and shoulders the layers of your connective tissue must be able to glide over each others. Things like your habitual daily postures, aging and injury can begin to bind your connective tissue together, creating adhesions and restricting the range of motion in your neck and shoulders. This creates the stiffness that you experiences and restricts the gliding movement between the sliding surfaces of the connective tissue. Think of it like a traffic jam.

The adhesions block the flow of nutrients and energy through your body causing you both pain and stiffness. When we gently soften into our yin yoga postures, we access the deeper layers of the connective tissues and this helps to break up the adhesions. Simply by applying mild stress to the joints and connective tissues alleviates pain and stiffness.

In the second half of this yoga class the yang portion, we will focus on natural, functional movement in our yoga sequencing and yoga postures. These natural movements combined with yoga postures or asanas help us to get our instinctual movement patterns back. They will help us to develop our proprioception and our sense of where and how our bodies are moving in space. We will spend a lot of time with our joints and knowing where they are in relationship to one another and our environment.

This is going to help your shoulders and neck feel a whole lot better, but it is also going to help your balance and your eyes and ears. It will also improve your equilibrium and the way you interact with yourself and your environment. The natural movement is huge for developing your kinesthetic sense and your interoception, that is your sense of movement, from the inside out. You will develop your sensory nerves throughout your entire body and especially your feet since we practice yoga barefoot.

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