Restorative Yoga for Renewal and Sustainability | 60 mins | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 446

by Melissa West on July 27, 2018

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Restorative Yoga

The ongoing aggressive depletion of our energy reserves has become familiar to the point that the experience of exhaustion is just part of our normal human experience in our day to day life.

Your presence here means that you are willing to become curious about your underlying attitude about your spiritual and energetic beliefs about your experience. Renewal and sustainability of your energy depends on spiritual awareness and an attitude of tenderness and compassionate responsibility first towards ourselves. In the rest of this class we are going to explore our longing to renew and sustain our energy reserves.

Healing begins when we are present to ourselves. First we must connect with our own sense of overwhelm and depletion. Clearly, kindly, honestly and gently open to your experience of exhaustion and burnout. We let go of judging the tiredness and deficiency in energy and we surrender to it with tenderness. In the same way that our body lets go into the props and the earth, our mind lets go of resisting the story that we should not be tired.

Next we recognize the value of all of life, including our own within the living unity of the entire ecosystem. We can re-evaluate our aspirations for what it means to be energetic within the web of our culture and imagine living a life that is harmony with the rhythms of the earth as a living whole, part of a culture that cares for our souls, honouring the ebb and flows of life, not one that continuously demands life lived in overdrive.



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