I have adrenal fatigue

by Melissa West on March 12, 2013

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Yoga Question for Melissa: I also have a question regarding your yoga videos. Recently they have diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue and to get well I have to do restorative yoga. Which videos can you recommend? I already use the winter practice but that is only 20 minutes. I am looking for a video of an hour.  Maybe this is also an item you can use for a series like you did for insomnia. It has come to my attention that a lot of people suffer from this. Now I have to eat and drink differently, do more meditations and relaxation exercises and change my life totally. I have this book about Adrenal fatigue from Dr. James L. Wilson I think it would benefit a lot more people if you can do something with this?

Yoga Answer from Melissa: As far as restorative yoga for adrenal fatigue we do have several restorative yoga classes on the membership site. As you mentioned there are two restorative yoga classes in the winter series. There is also an hour long restorative yoga class for the women’s menstrual cycle class called Waning to the Dark Moon on the membership site.

Adrenal Fatigue 2

Episode 71 of Namaste Yoga is also an hour long restorative yoga class.
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I like the idea of a series of classes on adrenal fatigue, I will add it to my content creation list. I’ve actually read Dr. James Wilson’s book on adrenal fatigue, which is excellent by the way and I interviewed him a long time ago. He is awesome!

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