What should I do after the beginner yoga classes?

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After Beginner Classes?

What-should-I-do-after-the-beginner-yoga-classesSo you have completed all 31 of our Namaste Yoga beginner yoga classes and you know you are ready for Intermediate Level Yoga classes.

What now?

I get this question a lot.

One series I think you would enjoy a lot once you have finished the beginner classes is the Benefits of Yoga Series.  This series of 20 classes will allow you to explore all the benefits of yoga from stress relief , to flexibility  to bone density  (we have a whole class on osteoporosis in our membership community) to more energy  to balance and much, much more.

And after that?

Well, once you have completed all our beginner level classes and the benefits of yoga series, we have more in depth posture by posture and breath practices in our membership community in our posture and pranayama section. There we offer you the leading edge research and innovation in the fields of fascia, brain yoga and neuroplasticity to bring you easier and more significant gains in your flexibility with less time and effort. We use specialized props such as the slo mo ball, soft foam roller and soft squash ball to make huge gains in your flexibility yoga posture by yoga posture.

Join our membership community today. 🙂



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