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by Melissa West on July 31, 2013

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Do you have any poses for sore or previously injured ankles?

Ankles-and-BalancingToday’s question comes from Amber from Facebook. 

…& also I find that I am not able to stay static and keep proper form in a pose. Is there anything to help balance for beginners?

So there are three questions here to answer. The first question is about poses for sore or previously injured ankles. I love the foot series for this. Simple foot rotations, flexing and pointing will do wonders for rehabilitation of your ankle.

That series can be found in episode 182 of Namaste Yoga

Episode 153 of Namaste Yoga a beginner class on Mountain pose and Tree Pose also includes the foot series and would be great for Amber because she would get to practice her balance with tree pose! 🙂

Now if you want to get into the value added content for ankles and feet you can’t beat the videos in my shop and on my membership site. Feet first and its sequel the shorter Yoga for Ankles and Feet are available in my shop and on my membership site:


We have done lots of blog posts on balancing. I will link to them in the show notes:

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The cool thing about balancing poses is that they are not actually static poses, they are constantly in motion. So you actually don’t want to aim to be static in your balancing poses, but you will find that your balancing poses will be continually moving. Balance is never static.

Namaste, Melissa



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