Appreciation for You: Vlog 25

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Appreciation for You


Vlog-25---Appreciation-for-YouI started this week getting ready for our Members Motivation Meetup and then doing some art with fire! The art journal was incredibly cathartic. We art journaled and then burned pieces of it and then put it into our art journal. This was an exercise with Mary Beth Shaw from Stencilgirl Products who is amazing. Mary Beth Shaw and I are going to be collaborating on some videos in the future which I am really looking forward to.

Monday at Sachs Point we filmed 4 blog posts and 3 membership classes. I filmed short yoga classes for our members. For the blog posts I filmed how to do warrior one pose, how to sit cross legged, how to do wild thing pose, and precautions for when you are menstruating and want to practice yoga. 🙂

On Tuesday I ran two leadership meetings in for our leaders to give them lots of good tools to help our members practice daily. Our leaders are now ready to support you in releasing anxiety. I had a two hour acupuncture nap! 🙂 Thank you for your mail! By the way, that is paint in my fingernails! Next up was my guilty pleasure, stencils. Ha ha! I swear this is not a Stencilgirl advertisement!

On Wednesday we filmed Yoga with Melissa 341 on Perfectionism on Mary Oliver’s Poem Wild Geese at Witty’s Lagoon. Who is reading Voyage by Diana Gabaldon?

Thursday morning I came out to spray some paintings with archival varnish. Hopefully my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor will like the piece I made for her even though she is colour blind, what do you think?

Thursday was the second mail time of the week. 🙂 Thank you Bene and Diane 🙂 Thank you for updating your address and making sure your mailing address is correct with paypal! 🙂 We went to Dan’s farm on Thursday so that means goat therapy!

Friday we went to Esquimalt to the warehouse to get groceries. Between domestic duties I was playing with an abstract art piece. This is from an art course that I am doing with Jane Davies.

Friday afternoon Trinity and I met to begin planning the August 31 day beginner yoga challenge. Join us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up to have it sent to you by email! 🙂 Thank you for 30K subscribers on YouTube. Your support means so much to us! 🙂

On Saturday we went to Kinsol Trestle bridge, had a hike, enjoyed the views and got some great footage with the drone.

On Saturday night we came out to watch the sunset. Thank you all for a wonderful week, it was so exciting to reach the milestone of 30K subscribers. We are so grateful for your support, on YouTube and in our membership community. Because we have you as followers we are abe to do what we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are counting down the days to the 31 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge, you can do it on Facebook, Instagram or sign up to have a beginner yoga class sent to you in your email. 🙂

Namaste, Melissa


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