Are you going to write a book?

by Melissa West on

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Today’s question comes via email from Nicole:

What-should-I-writeI find your teaching to be very inspirational. Do you have any books that you’ve written, or are you in the process of writing one?

Thank you Nicole. 🙂 I haven’t written any books as of yet. I have thought about writing books for sure. Right now my filming schedule keeps me super busy and so I just haven’t made the time, however I am talking with some of my open hearted graduates about co-authoring some e-books based on some of the collaborative work we’ve done together! 🙂

Ignite your Inner Fire, Transitions with Sue Medeiros based on her groups in the Membership Community
Kerry Wannamaker does a weekly challenge with great themes. I would love to respond to these themes and create a book called “A Year of Yoga”

Tim would like me to write an e-book in a format that would allow me to include videos and audio files.

Do you think I should write a book?

What do you think kind of book do you think I should write? What do you want me to write? Leave your comments below, let me know!


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