Autumn, Apples and Goal Setting – Vlog 31

by Melissa West on September 5, 2016

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Vlog 31

Vlog-31---Victoria-BC-VloggerHello, welcome to a new week. I started the week talking about my decision to finally take the plunge and get rid of our kitchen table and chairs and get a low table as a secondary work station and dining area in our home. This was inspired by Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement and Katy Says

If you watch Yoga with Melissa 347  Back to School, Breath class that is where you can get your back to school list of my 10 essential yoga classes for Back to School .

I share with you some of my goals for fall including signing up for yoga class, qigong class, going on a yoga retreat, getting some movnat training – most of these things have been checked off the list.I have a goal to bring more storytelling into my teaching so I am doing some reading in that. All of this is in my bullet journal.

On Tuesday we filmed the first class in the brand new Back to School Yoga Series, Science Class, a Breath Class. The resource I used for this class was Breathing to Heal: The Science of Health Respiration by Case Adams Ph.D.

On Thursday Christine came over Christine Salus came over and we made a smoothie bowl for my channel. Definitely check out Christine’s chanel  she has lots of workouts and yummy food on her channel.

I also filmed a second video that is so pacifying for vata dosha for autumn. This was a stewed apple video. Thursday evening Tim was a domestic hero and painted the kitchen. It was a good day! Productive! Pedicure and an art journal came in!

Tim apparently likes applesauce because he brought home a whole box of apples. He thought he would try to recreate this video without much success:

On Saturday morning we filmed for the members – the Daily Yoga connection and a new class on diaphragmatic breathing. Fall is definitely here. We made a big brunch and then went for a walk at Wiffin Spit. Wiffin Spit was full of sea life with seals and jellyfish.


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