Super Quick Energy Boost and Back Pain Relief

by Melissa West on

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Back Pain Relief

If you experience low energy or back pain, today I am going to show you a super quick energy boost and back pain relief. Stay Tuned šŸ™‚

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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine our kidneys are considered the officials of energetic work, they store our essence energy and are responsible for our energetic health. Additionally, they rule the health of our lower back. If we have a weak back or suffer from back injuries or back pain we probably have kidney issues from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Before I show you the super quick energy boost and back pain relief, if you would like ongoing support to boost your energy and back pain, we have several resources in our membership community.

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Today we are going to stimulate and massage your kidneys to strengthen your energy store house and relieve back pain.

1. Locate your kidneys just above the lowest rib on either side of your spine on your back.
2. Make a fist and begin to tap at the kidneys with a comfortable pressure
3. Rub your hands together and warm them.
4. Rub your hands up and down over your kidneys until they feel warm.



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