Balancing Poses to help Avoid Falling

by Melissa West on May 14, 2013

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Balancing Poses to Avoid Falling when You have Arthritis in Your Hips, Knees and Low Back

Balancing-Poses: Today’s question comes from Gerry in a blog post
I suffer from osteoarthritis in my lower back, hips and knees. I am 63, drove truck for 20+ years and have had several falls that have me worried about more.
What can be done to improve my balance and strength to keep it from happening so much?

Dear Gerry
Thank you for leaving your comments. I will do a short video for you on my blog on some balancing poses that will help you to avoid future falls.

Quadruped arm-leg balancing pose will strengthen your low back, which will help with the arthritis in your low back as well as help you with your balance

Tree Pose is a great pose to help you focus on balance

In the meantime I have two videos for arthritis that will be perfect for you. Yoga for arthritis hips and Yoga for arthritis knees.
Both of these videos focus on building strength around your hip and knee joints. Keep posted for a video on some balancing postures.
Warmly, Melissa


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