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by Melissa West on December 5, 2011


This morning I received an e-mail asking an important question about the membership site. Here is the question:

Question: I just wanted to know if there are actual advantages to having a membership because I have been watching several of your sequences and classes on Utube for free.  Is there info in the membership that is not available on utube?

Answer: What a great question!

We created the membership site for those people wishing to deepen their practice beyond what is offered freely through the weekly classes that you are watching on Youtube. There are actually a lot of teachers who have joined the membership. The intention was to support people more deeply in their practice.
Yes, there are many advantages to being a member. The content on the membership site is not available anywhere else on the web. For example, the first month’s content is based on the retreat I taught in October. There is an entire weekend of instruction around how to take yourself through a home, self-retreat. Also we will adding one of my yoga videos each month to the membership site. This month we put in Immunity Boost to help prepare members for cold and flu season.
The forum seems to me another huge advantage to joining the membership site. I myself am even surprised by how quickly the forum has taken off. People are asking questions and we are having conversations around all sorts of topics from recommended reading to mudras. We will also be having virtual get togethers – so for example part of the home retreat is a day of silence. We have set a day of silence for January 7th and we will be meeting online at the end of the day so people can have an opportunity to speak about their experience.
The membership site is going to include more lecture style classes that encourage journal reflections as well. In December I am going to post a lecture called Shadow Yoga and Winter Solstice. In January we are going to be doing some study around sankalpa and next week I will be interviewing Robin Mastro of Altars of Power and Grace about bringing sankalpas to life – and that will only be available on the membership site. So yes, membership has its advantages.
I really don’t think you can go wrong at the price of this membership. Currently it is $59.95/yr  or $5.95/month until we reach 100 members, which we are quickly approaching. The first 100 members will keep that price for life, as long as they stay members. (Price will be going up to $89.95/year and $9.9.5/month after 100 members) The cost of a retreat it $395 and you are getting a entire retreat contents in the first month!
Here’s a video that gives you a preview of the site (as of December 1, 2011)



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