Best Mudra Books Plus the Closing Mudra Sequence and Chant for Yoga with Melissa

by Melissa West on June 5, 2019

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Best Mudra Books

In this video I will share with you my favourite books for mudras as well how to do the Nirvana Mudra series that is at the end of every Yoga with Melissa episode.

Mudras are yoga for your hands that affect the flow of energy in your body and can be used as part of your path of spiritual awakening.

The Nirvana Mudra. It is basically a dedication of merit that we use at the end of our practice. That means that we take everything that we have gained from our practice and let go of our personal gain to offer the benefits of our practice: the wisdom, clarity, compassion and right action so that our practice is not just for ourselves. We offer the fruits of our practice to all living beings.

Members, the Chakra Balancing Yoga with a Mudra for Each Chakra can be accessed here: Link

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I often use mudras for their healing and spiritual powers in almost twenty other videos in our membership community, including an entire video dedicated to one of the most common mudras: the gyan mudra or the jnana mudra, a mudra which is particularly powerful for allowing you to access your own inner wisdom.

I also feature mudras in my yoga classes on my main yoga channel, Yoga with Melissa as well, like I did here throughout the Durga Series as well, so if you are interested in having mudras included in your yoga practice, definitely check that out.

Durga Series: Links


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