Best Time of Day for Metabolism

by Melissa West on December 3, 2015

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Best-Time-of-Day-for-MetabolismDo you want to know what your best time of day for your metabolism? Do you want to know when it is best to eat your largest meal? Ayurvedic medicine has some guidelines that you may be interested in hearing.

Ayurveda is a sacred system of science and philosophy that is designed to help you connect with the truth in your daily life. It is a holistic form of medicine based on a close relationship between yourself and your natural environment. It holds true that we are a microcosm of our larger macrocosm. When the five basic elements of nature, ether, air, fire, water and earth are in balance in us, we will experience harmony.

Did you know that the pitta constitution is the most dominant between 9 am and 3 pm and at its highest point in the day at noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky? That is because pitta is related to fire, including our digestive fire. Pitta controls digestion and metabolism and its primary role is to transform your food into energy. So noon is the best time to take advantage of your internal roaring fire. Eat your largest meal at noon when your metabolism is highest.

If you want to know what dosha you are and you would like to know more about Ayurveda, I will refer you to this blog post where I tell you about my favourite resources and online quizzes:

Also if you would like more support in balancing your doshas through yoga, then I highly recommend our postures and pranayama section in our membership community. In that section we have yoga classes where we modify each yoga pose to balance each Ayurvedic constitution. Stimulating for kaphas, calming for vatas, and cooling for pittas.

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And if you would like a handy downloadable Ayurvedic clock that shows you not only how to maximize your metabolism, but also other important times for your daily routine then click here or in your show notes.


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