Summer Favourites: Yoga Classes for Summer

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Yoga Classes for Summer

If you are looking for my top picks from almost 400 yoga videos for the summer months, your must-do yoga classes for summer, then this short video is for you 🙂

Hi I´m Dr. Melissa West, host of Yoga with Melissa, real yoga for real people, yoga so you can move better, feel better and connect with your true nature.

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Today I have taken the time to wade through my almost 400 yoga videos and choose out some super fun, easy, must have summer yoga routines to cool you down for summer. These are your summer essential yoga picks for June, July and August.

1. Yoga with Melissa 191 balances the warming and cooling energies of hatha yoga. In the summer months you need to focus on cooling your energy. This class balances the masculine and feminine energies of ha and tha in hatha yoga. Ha is masculine, heating, expanding and strengthening. Tha is feminine, cooling, contracting, and flexible. We need both in our practice to create balance. Flexibility without strength leads to fragility. Strength without flexibility leads to rigidity. Too many heating practices would cause you to burn out. This class in particular has sitali or cooling breath.

2. Yoga with Melissa 133 is an entire class focused on twists. Your solar plexus or third chakra tends to hold heat and twists will wring that excess heat out of the abdominal region.

3. Easy, breasy summer is about going with the flow. In this yoga class we explore all the systems of flow in your body from your circulatory system to your lymph and then move through some accessible vinyasa

4. Our energy can get pulled up and out in the summer as it is a time of expansion, socializing and celebration. This class will bring you back to your inner awareness, to awareness in your body through one of my most favourite things, poetry. Click here

5. Staying with that theme of grounding to balance the time of celebration and expansion in summer, here is another yoga class to bring that energy back into your body in a grounded way.

6. Summer is definitely a time to open your heart and yet, if we do so without stability it can be quite ungrounding. Let´s go back to the first class in the heart stabilization series and stay grounded and stabilized as we open our hearts this summer.

7. One of the best things about summer is the time we take to rest and relax and so I will finish out my summer picks with two yoga classes for relaxation. Click Here

8. Relaxation will help to slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, muscle tension and chronic pain as well as reduce the activity or stress hormones, who wouldn´t want to get in on that relaxation this summer? Click Here

And remember how important it is to stay hydrated through the summer months and during your yoga practice

Staying Hydrated During Yoga

Here is a recipe for hydrating waters for specifically for your doshas:

Hydrating Water for your Dosha

If you like having your yoga classes all chosen out for you then be sure to join our yoga community. We do that for you every single day of the year, 365 days of the year with our daily yoga connection. We choose our short membership classes for the weekdays when you have to be at work or get your kids off to school and longer classes for the weekends when you have lots of time.

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