Book Store Vlog and Best Coffee Alternative in Victoria BC

by Melissa West on February 5, 2018

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Book Store Vlog

This week I am going to take you to my favourite bookstore and my favourite cafe in Victoria BC. As a non-coffee drinker I am looking for fabulous coffee alternatives when I go to a cafe as well as a comfortable sit down experience. As for bookstores, I do own a kindle, so I am also looking for an incredible in-store experience as well as books that work better in a hard-copy format than in electric format. I do feel that many yoga books as well as poetry books (which I love) and cookbooks fit that bill.

My favourite bookstore in Victoria BC is Munro’s books. The in store experience is incredible. It is an old heritage building with lots of character. You can hear the wood floor creak when you talk on it. The shelves are made of wood and the ceilings are high. The bookstore was originally owned by Alice Munro, yes the author Alice Munro. Alice Munro is a critically acclaimed Canadian short-story writer who won the Man Booker International Prize in 2009 and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013. In 2014 the Alice and her husband Jim retired and turned ownership of the store over to 4 longtime staff members.

My favourite place to go for a coffee alternative with friends in Victoria is Nourish. Most people know nourish for it’s seasonal, organic, vegan, dairy free and farm to table delicious food. But did you know they have a cafe too? For those of us locals looking for a place to have a delicious healthy coffee alternative Nourish is my place of choice. I love the lounge upstairs for hanging out with friends over a cup of bone broth, matcha, tumeric latte, chai latte, dandy blend latte, or london fog. There are so many choices. In the summer you can sit on their outdoor patio under umbrellas.

While we are at Nourish today I wanted to share with you two books that I found at Munroes by a local BC Canadian author from Quadra island. They are two poetry books by Jan Zwicky. Her poetric themes are described as spiritual catastrophe, transformation and erotic love. How could I pass it up?

One of her first books of poetry (which I picked up yesterday) called Songs for Relinquishing the earth was originally only individually hand-made by request only by the author. Jan Zwicky would include a photo of lavender fields pasted in each copy of the book printed on recycled stock. Apparently demand exceeded Zwicky’s ability to keep up with supply.

I also picked up another newer book of her poetry called Forge. I think honestly I was attracted to this book because of its cover and because we are close to valentine’s day here. I am quite excited that there are still more of Jan Zwicky’s books of poetry waiting for me at Munro’s including her most recent, The Long Walk.

Thanks so much for watching the vlog this week 🙂

Namaste, Melissa

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