Bow Pose Pain Relief

by Melissa West on May 1, 2013

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Pain in Knee in Bow Pose

Today’s question comes from Joy from YouTube and she comments that every time she does bow pose it hurts her knee. This was in response to Namaste Yoga 169 Ashta Lakshmi and the Abundance of Nourishment.

Pain-in-Knee-in-Bow-PoseSo a few things to look for in bow pose.

#1 Alignment
a) make sure your knee is not swinging out to the side.
b) check to make sure your knee is not rolling in our out
c) place a block between your knees to help with alignment of your knees

#2 Try using a yoga strap and see if that helps ease the pain in bow pose

#3 Strengthen the muscles around your knee joint (I show you a great pose for strengthening your knee in this video)

Check out Yoga for Knees available in our membership site and our shop both a short 20 minute video and a longer one hour video coming May 1st 2013.


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