Breathing in Twists

by Melissa West on January 28, 2014

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Yoga Twists

Yoga-Twists-with-Dr-Melissa-WestToday’s question comes to us from Rosie from YouTube:

I love this video cause I love to twist! But I have a simple question that always come out on my mind when I do the twist, hahahaha is my breath is a belly breath or a ribcage breath? Thanks, rosie. I am also a new person doing yoga! I love it!  Thanks.

Rosie is talking about the Beginner’s Series Twist Class, Namaste Yoga 133

This is such a great question and one that means to me you are becoming a more advanced yogi. You are starting to observe your breath in postures. 🙂 The traditional instructions in a twist is to focus on extended exhalations, which will allow you to deepen your twist. I do this by thinking about drawing my navel towards my spine.

It can also be interesting to be a “witness to your breath” or “an observer of your breath.” So rather than trying to control your breath, observe where your breath is travelling in your body. Do you feel it in your ribcage? Do you feel it in your belly? There is no better/best… with this style of breathing you are simply observing and noticing and allowing your breath to lead the experience with its own intelligent wisdom.

Thank you for a great question Rosie. Keep me posted about your practice. Namaste, Melissa


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