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This week I thought I would remove the veil of the behind the scenes work I do. If you are not a member and even if you are a member, you only see a fraction of the work that I do for you. A good deal of my time and energy is spent in our membership community. One of our key features in our membership community is our live classes. This is where we come together 10xs a month with 2 way video to go deeper with the teachings.

A lot of you tell me you miss the long teachings that I used to give in the Yoga with Dr. Melissa West videos. Quite honestly I got tired of all the “you talk too much comments” and I took the advice of the commenters and moved the in depth teachings to another platform, one where people are happy to engage with them. So now they happen weekly, twice every Monday so that we access every time zone in the world – Europe, Asia and North America – and we get to contemplate the teachings together with two way video.

So what goes into this? I am going to take you behind the scenes this weekend as I prepare for Monday’s live classes. Here 10 step process that went into preparing for and creating Monday’s live classes.

#1 The first thing that happens is that I meet with the Carriers of the Teachings the second Tuesday of every month. This is a team of 10 leaders that offer their karma yoga to carry the teachings for the month into our community. Michelle carries the teachings into our moonstruck section where we follow the rhythm of the phases of the moon. Maria carries the teachings into our book club and aligns them with whatever book we are currently reading. Linda does an amazing job of combining dharma teachings with recipes. Ivy carries the teachings into her devotional section with a more spiritual focus. The rest of my carriers of the teachings: Nicole, Michele, Peige, Jackie, Jane and Sandrine carry the teachings into our daily yoga connection where they offer a short teaching for the week and curate video content for the week: short videos for weekdays and longer videos for weekends.

#2.. When our team meets monthly I give them focus for the following month, then we all have a unifying theme that connects us across all the sections of our membership community, so no matter where you are in our membership community, it feels like a cohesive whole. This month our focus is fascia: Fascia February. We are focusing on particular aspects of fascia because it is a big topic. So the first thing I am going to do in preparing for my live talk on Monday is to check back on our focus for the month and the aspects of fascia that we are talking about. The teachings that I brought forward to cover in Fascia February were wholeness, stiffness and detoxification. I keep going back to wholeness and that is where I feel myself gravitating again.

#3. I have just completed some yoga nidra training and so I want to be teaching on yoga nidra right now on Mondays. I have been preparing our Monday live meditation classes for yoga nidra for the past month or so and I am ready to roll this out. So now I am going to go through our membership community and get my finger on the pulse of our community and see where they are at, particularly in the places where people are talking about yoga nidra and where people hang out everyday. I also look at people’s requests and see what people’s biggest problems are. One of the biggest requests I get is yoga for sleep and yoga nidra for sleep.

#4. I do my own research. Since my own yoga nidra training I have been researching the topic of sleep a lot more. I have been doing a lot of research on sleep and one thing that I know from my research is that maintenance insomnia is a huge deal. That is people can fall asleep, but cannot stay asleep. Also the first part of the night is deep sleep the second part of the night is REM sleep. So when people are requesting yoga nidra for sleep this is only part of the picture, what they are really needing for wholeness yoga nidra for sleep (which I have created) and yoga nidra for dreaming.

#5. I start to prepare a talk on yoga nidra for dreaming based on all my notes that I have been taking from my research, keeping in mind my theme of wholeness.

#6. I write a new yoga nidra for dreaming based on the notes that I have collected on dreaming and sleeping.

#7. I do my own practice. Being able to deliver a quality yoga nidra and teachings means that I need to be grounded in the process.

#8. We set up the room.

#9. I do the live class. This involves giving the teaching talk, leading a discussion, answering questions, leading a yoga nidra, responding to comments and questions about the yoga nidra. This is all recorded and made available to students who cannot attend.

#10. I record a separate yoga nidra for my students so that there is no line noise in my yoga nidra cocoon.

If you made it all the way to the end put, “I want to be cocooned in a yoga nidra for dreaming too” in the comments.

Namaste, Melissa

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