Can you do too much yoga

by Melissa West on March 21, 2013

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I try and do yoga a minimum of three times weekly. Obviously, I do more when I am able to, but I never want to do less. This afternoon, I’m home from work early because we are getting a central vac system installed. So, while the contractor is working away, I’m getting all excited going through this site and seeing all the yoga classes I want to do next. Next, like, there’s four of them I want to do now (in a row) since I have a free afternoon!!!

My question is this: Is there a number of hours/classes that would be too many too do at once or in a row? Is there a point of diminishing return in that once you get to a certain place in your yoga, it is worse to go beyond lest you get less benefit? I wish I could do a “yoga marathon” and take a week off to just do yoga and pray all day long! Let me know if there is a limit, or recommended best practice.
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Hi Kat
This is a great question. There is nothing wrong with doing yoga every day. Especially not the kind of yoga we are practicing (hatha yoga) with long holds. So practicing every day for an hour or even up to two as long as you aren’t getting exhausted is not a problem. The important thing is to check in with your body and see how you are feeling. If you are exhausted and getting worn out, then you need to back off. And then there are times when you do have a yoga marathon per say. This weekend coming up for example, we are doing a Spring Clean yoga retreat and taking part in several yoga classes a day. You could even take a week off and just do yoga and pray all day long. For short periods of time there would be nothing wrong with this. Just make sure your practice is varied so that you are not going to injure yourself, in other words don’t do the exact same practice every day 🙂
Hope that helps!


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