Canoeing in Cadboro Bay Victoria BC – Vlog 83

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Canoeing in Cadboro Bay

This past Friday I met up with my friend Sherry Scheideman for a canoe ride in Cadboro Bay. Sherry and I met as roommates at the Journey Home meditation retreat in June of this year on Salt Spring. Sherry has a canoe with wheels, that she can wheel from her home, down to Cadboro Bay and go canoeing at Cadboro Bay Beach.

We had a lot of fun wheeling the canoe down to Cadboro Bay and then canoeing around Cadboro Bay. It was a calm day without wind or current. We saw a lot of bull kelp which is at the end of its season, so it was quite large. We also saw some seals and boats which had washed up on the shore. We spent a leisurely afternoon paddling and talking.

You can find out more about my friend Sherry who is a clinical counsellor who brings her experience with mindfulness and the work of Byron Katie into her practice. Here is her website: link

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