Cherry Blossom Explosion in Victoria BC – Vlog 62

by Melissa West on April 10, 2017

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Cherry Blossoms in Victoria

We start our week with a nice beach walk and a drive through Victoria to enjoy the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are completely in bloom here.

Al Smith is roadtripping through the US: link

Abkar is a YouTube world traveller: link

And if you want to know how to tie a tie, Patrick is your man: link

Von Mcknelly is going to be helping us with Dressember photos too:  and so is Shelly Wickens

Of course, Jeff from Think Vitality is going to be back on the channel to share is Chinese Medicine and Qigong wisdom.

We went to the Roost lunch so that we would be fueled up for the rest of our day.

Monday we did a photoshoot and filmed the short video for the go fund me campaign. We took some photos for a new business card and profile pictures. We did the photoshoot in Goldstream provincial park. Now I have photos to help promote meditation which is awesome because I seem to be doing much, much more of that these days.

Tuesday I put together an online retreat for our members and then we waited for the fire department to show up and take away a smoking battery.

Thursday afternoon we went out for a short walk to enjoy the cherry blossoms again. We are super proud of Tim, award-winning photographer. His photo of the bald eagle is going to be a covershot!

Thank you for all your support on the gofundme campaign to help me further the meditation training I have been doing.

Saturday morning I rebuilt my altar area. Tim gave you the before shot instead of the after shot, so maybe I will show it to you again next week. Then we went to Government House to do mailtime and say thank you and goodbye for this week.

Thank you all for your support if you would like to know more about the go fund me campaign, If you would like to donate or learn more click here

Here’s the Eagle Photo Tim took

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