Christmas Trees and Snow in Victoria

by Melissa West on December 12, 2016

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Snow in Victoria

Our week started with some snow in Victoria B.C. We came out on Tuesday to photograph one of my favourite dresses from Duchess and Duke Modern Vintage Consignment Victoria B.C.

The dress looked great against the snow. Snow doesn’t last long in Victoria B.C. so we made sure that we got out and captured it while we could!

Tuesday afternoon I filmed Yoga with Melissa Episode 361 in a dress since my team member Nicci from Sunflowers and Snow has been wearing dresses to teach her yoga too. I decided to wear one of my Squeezed Yoga dresses.

Wednesday morning we went hiking in John Dean Provincial Park. There was a fair amount of snow in the park. I got in more cardio than I was expecting. There was a lot of ice on the road and it was slippery. There was a lot of climbing. There was a lot of graffiti at the top of the mountain. We did my dressember photo at the top of the mountain by the graffiti on Wednesday and I nearly froze. My battery actually froze and I had to stop filming on thunderbird trail! Me no likey the cold!

I dropped my microphone doing the silly running clip, but my knight in shining armour climbed the mountain a second time and found it for me.

Every year we go to the Fairmont Empress the Annual Victoria Festival of Trees in support of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Sponsors, local businesses, organizations and individuals come together to decorate over 70 trees displayed throughout the hotel and the Bay Center. There were some beautiful trees and some strange ones!

On Saturday we finished our week in Oak Bay Native Plant Garden

There are microclimates in Victoria which means there is more snow in some parts and less snow in other parts.

I am enjoying Dressember so much to help raise awareness to end human trafficking. Our team has now raised $750. Way to go Nikki, Aynne, Laura, Madeline, Jenn, Harmony and Nicci. Thank you to Hannah, Lisa, Laura, Maria and Annonymous who have donated $213 to my campaign. My goal is to raise $1K I am giving away a piece of my artwork.

(Donations can be made here)

As of December 9, Dressember had raised $500K, which was enough to fund 79 rescue operations.

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Namaste, Melissa


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