Clearing Sinuses

by Melissa West on June 9, 2014

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How to clear your Sinuses

clearing-sinusesToday’s question comes from Sandra from Facebook:

Melissa, do you have any ideas for clearing sinuses? My passages are permanently half plugged it seems, and I think it’s because I took some over the counter meds for a sinus infection and it all just STOPPED. I remember at the time thinking that was probably not a good thing. Anyways, I think it’s all still stuck in there.

Hi Sandra

I would definitely check this out with your medical doctor first, since I am a Ph.D. in communications and cultural studies and not a medical doctor.

for clearing sinuses, I recommend a neti pot. I’ve blogged about it before here: Blog on Neti Pots

and here:

Once you have your sinuses clear, you can practice alternate nostril breathing to help keep them clear.

Also kapalabhati breath may be helpful to clear them as well.








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