Core Strength for Shoulder Stand

by Melissa West on April 22, 2013

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Today’s Question Comes to us from YouTube and is about Shoulder stand:

Easy Plank Pose

Wow, this was a really cool experience and funny. You somehow knew I was nervous about inversions and you addressed it and made me feel comfortable and ready and before I knew what was happening I was upside down. One question: what was preventing me from getting that second leg off the wall without kicking? Was it mental or physical (in my legs, shoulders, back?) or just lack of experience and I’ll get there if I keep trying. I can’t figure out what the block was…Namaste, E

Dear E, I’m so glad that you were comfortable and ready to go upside down without even realizing it was happening! 🙂 So, as you build your upper body and core strength with poses like plank pose, downward facing dog and chaturanga you will be able to lift your leg off the wall without kicking. You’ll get there the more you practice. Keep up with your yoga! 🙂 Namaste, Melissa

So I wanted to make a video to show what E is talking about. I will demonstrate shoulderstand and safely taking your legs off the wall as well as some safety tips for shoulderstand.

I will also demonstrate my favourite core strengthening exercise – plank pose and some modifications.


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