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by Melissa West on April 24, 2013

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Hi there Melissa
Firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you for your wonderful Yoga Podcasts. I am a yoga teacher myself although I have not taught for 18 months and consider myself a very beginner teacher, although my confidence has grown enormously. I have spent quite a lot of time fairly isolated and find your podcasts just too wonderful for words, you have the ability to connect on such a familiar level and I feel as if I know you and love my yoga classes alone at home with you!

I was wondering if you might formulate a class to help with decreased lordosis. There seems to be a lot of material out there on Sway backs but I cannot find very much on the opposite.

Postural AlignmentDear Sue
You are so welcome. I’m glad you enjoy the podcasts.
Focus on core strength would definitely help with lordosis whether it be exaggerated or decreased .
As far as free classes where I focus on this – was Namaste Yoga 170 – Beginner Class for Strength
Namaste Yoga Samana Vayu has a lot of exercises for core strength as well
I do have a class called Yoga for Posture that would be excellent for decreased lumbar and cervical lordosis that I made for the membership site, but it is also available in my shop.
Thanks for asking.
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