Yoga for 9-5 in front of a computer

by Melissa West on June 26, 2013

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Today’s question comes to us from Thoa from YouTube

Yoga-for-9-5-in-front-of-a-computerThe question is: I have to work 12 hours every in front of the computer in the air-conditioned room without sunlight and this class is such a great treat. Do you have more yoga class especially designed for 9 to 5 people? My body hates air conditioner (I’ve had respiratory problems since childhood) and I already feel its negative effect, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Great question Thoa, I have just designed a yoga video with people who work 9-5 office jobs spending a lot of time in front of computers. It is a chair yoga class so that you can do it right in your office. The video is available in my shop and on the membership site.

One of the best things you can do is take breaks throughout the day. Since you mentioned you have respiratory problems and are irritated by the air conditioner, I’m going to show you one movement you can do right in your chair at your desk at work.

Props Needed: Chair


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