How the Disease of Busy is Stunting Your Spiritual Growth

by Melissa West on

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Disease of Busy

Are you too busy to practice yoga and meditation? If so, this video is for you.

Hi I’m Melissa from Yoga with Melissa. I offer Real Yoga for Real People. We are all about connection. Connection with a teacher and teachings that allow you to connect with your True Self and to a community of people who support each other on a genuine path of spiritual transformation.

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Today I am going to knock over a sacred cow in our culture. This is the belief that we receive value by being busy. There is a deeply ingrained belief in our culture that the more we accomplish, the more items we check off our to-do list, the more valuable we are as a human being. In fact, when you ask somebody how they are doing, they will often reply, “I am so busy.” And then we will look at them and think, wow, they are such a worthwhile person in our society.

My teacher, Reggie Ray says that this is pathological behaviour. In other words, these are mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck. The belief that being busy makes us worthy is a kind of core belief that keeps us in a vicious cycle of emotional, mental and energetic stress.

In short, being busy stunts our spiritual growth. Think about your day. We are busy from morning to night with work, family, recreation, watching television or youtube, reading books, social engagement. There is no space to breathe to be silent or for your True Self to show up. If we are honest with ourselves, there are things that we can let go of to make space in our lives.

We stay busy because we feel bad about ourselves and we think that by doing more we will feel better about ourselves. But the truth is, no matter how many things we check off our to-do list, this never fills up our worthiness tank. It is only in making space for our yoga and meditation practice that we are going to have time for our True Self to show up.

I have two offerings for you today.

One is a Yoga Class where you can contemplate further this addiction to busy.

The second is a four day retreat where you can come together with a dedicated community of practitioners to slow down to the speed of the earth, let go of busy and commune with the earth on a four day online retreat from the comfort of your own home. I will include the link for members below as well as a link to join our community if you are not already a member. Members Link

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