Duncan B.C. Totem Pole Walking Tour

by Melissa West on September 25, 2017

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Totem Pole Walking Tour

It was so exciting to have a Yoga with Melissa member with me in the vlog, BJ all the way from Australia. BJ is an incredibly talented theater performer. Definitely check out her play: I am a Circle: Click Here

We started our trip from Victoria BC on the Malahat. Duncan was packed on the Saturday we went because of the Farmer´s market. We got completely sidetracked from our totem pole tour for the market actually.

We had lunch and a massage and then we continued with our totem pole walking tour in Duncan.

The totem poles are each made by incredibly talented totem pole artists and depict animals and people of the West Coast such as eagles, ravens, beavers, whales, bears, and salmon.

Each totem pole tells a story.

The totem poles with copper in it are symbolic of wealth.

There are totem poles for all different reasons and to symbolize all different things.

There are totem poles to honour family, for protection, peaceful boundaries, to represent strength and wealth.

So often there is an eagle on the top of the totem pole.

The stories that totem poles tell: click here

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been in a circle where you have used a talking stick?

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With gratitude, Melissa


  • Sharon Morton-Farinacci

    Thank you Melissa for taking the time to share your adventures in Duncan BC. Yes, I have done a group with a Talking Stick once or twice and I agree it is a really special circle that gets created. Using the stick only when it is your turn to be heard & then listening respectfully in turn, really solidly demonstrates that it is a group/ fellowship of equal value – that every voice sb heard & respected. I know of a family that uses it for their fam- discussions. Seems lovely.

    • That is really beautiful Sharon, thanks to writing and letting me know about your experience here. How beautiful it would be in a family circle too 🙂 Namaste, Melissa

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