Eagle Mudra from the Mountain

by Melissa West on April 29, 2014

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We have arrived:

Garuda-Mudrain Victoria and we are beginning to put down roots for this life we have envisioned for the past 18 months. We have found a place to live in the perfect neighbourhood for us, close to open air markets, shops, Beacon Hill Park, Dallas Road Beach Path for bikes and walking along the water, the harbour front, the water, the mountains and downtown Victoria.

Last night when Charlyne and I practiced yoga together we decided to choose a card from my teacher’s Elissa Cobb’s deck to reflect on during our savasana. I received the Jodi Picoult card, “And what if, when you look, you had the flower in your hand?” That is how I feel right now as though my soul’s desire is right here in front of me ready to be received.

In this place my heart is soaring. That is why I have chosen the Garuda Mudra. The mythical bird, Garuda can fly into the sun and allows us to broaden our metaphorical wingspan so that we can pursue our life purpose with compassion and joy, unswayed by the tumult of the world.

Yesterday as we walked into the building of our new apartment I commented to Tim how great it felt to be living from our intention now rather than resigning from a place of default. It is an incredibly powerful thing to choose our surroundings and to be able to soar from this place. For that I will have endless gratitude.

To practice the Garuda Mudra glasp your thumbs and place your hands right hand on top of left hand on your lower abdomen. Remain in this place for about ten breaths. Then, slide your hands up to your naval and stay there for another 10 breaths, finally place your hands at your heart center and stay for 10 breaths. Gertrud Hirschi directs to do as needed or three times a day for 4 minutes.

This mudra is good for circulation, invigorates your organs, challenges the energy on both sides of your body, it is also great for menstrual problems, stomach upset and respiratory problems. The Garuda Mudra is said to help with exhaustion and mood fluctuations as well. Be careful if you have high blood pressure.

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